Instagram-ing with my kids….

My Cat On Instragram

The cat is not amused
– instragram photo by FancyPants

I adore Instagram. It’s fun and silly and the only thing I would change is I wish there was some kind of “retweet”ish sort of thing so I could share photos I that really tickle me with other people but whateves  – love it. And here’s the thing –  so do my kids.

They both have their own Instagram accounts (via their ipods) and so do a lot of their friends actually. I follow them all. The pictures they take of each other are sweet and silly and show me that side that we don’t necessarily see when it’s just them and their friends. And also there are a lot of pictures of their pets. Lots and lots of pictures of their pets LOL.

And Instagram is just so simple and spontaneous that somehow I don’t feel creepy for following my kids friends there.  I admit that while I keep an eye on and monitor frequently my daughter’s Facebook account, I don’t “friend” her friends and I really don’t want to. But on Instragram where it’s just pictures and a small comment or two.. it feels fun, and non-invasive, and oddly supportive.

I like that so far it’s been a sort of soft spot launching pad for online etiquette and social media common sense. We talked about what kinds of pictures were acceptable and what weren’t and what to do if you saw something that made you uncomfortable. I like that their security is simple  – it’s all locked up or not at all. So no one “follows” them that we don’t discuss and approve together … “Do you know this person in real life and how?” is what we use to decide.

And their pictures crack me up. And some are surprisingly beautiful. I love seeing the artful and creative side it nurtures.

So what about you? Are your kids instagramming?

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