Dog Days…

We’ve hit that spot in the summer when all the best parts seem to be behind us, swim lessons and camp and vacations and road trips have come and gone there is still that little stretch of summer left.

Puddin’ is bored out of her mind and so am I. I can think of nothing to write about. It’s caused an interesting side effect in that I seem to be commenting all over the place though. I don’t know if that’s just my excuse for not writing on my own blog or because she told us about the Google Preview that allows you to comment from within reader. Either way I’ve been a commenting fool lately.

imageBut there is this little bit of wonderful! And how awesome is that! TypePad must have thought I made death threats to someone my stats went so high that day. It totally rocked.

Actually winning this prompted me to officially out my blog to the Dr. I’d mentioned it casually in the past but since he’s all “what’s the Internet LALALALALA” I knew it never really stuck. So I told him about it that night and he was well sort of impressed. Imagine that.

Oh, the other results was the I got inspired to tinker a little and figure out how to personalize my comments section so my comments back to folks were formatted differently. I’d seen that done and figured it was a WordPress plugin or something but a little research and I found it could be done on TypePad also. So I got all cozy with CSS for like 20 minutes and then walked away successful but feeling rashy. Don’t know why CSS scares me so.

-abrupt subject change-

Very hopeful the Olympics are going to inspire a bit of creativity around here. I did the math and figured out I was just a few years older than Pud when Olga won her Gold and I was totally bummed because I was at sleep away camp and missed it. Guess I’ve been an Olympic junkie going way back. Tonight I’ll dig out my hat and pins from Atlanta and sit with the girls and tell them about how totally awesome Atlanta was.

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